M E E T   T H E   M A K E R

Hello!! I’m Hollie, the one girl band behind Nice Pear Ceramics. I have been making ceramics since 2012 at college where I fell completely in love with clay. After studying ceramics at university, I relocated to to the South Coast and now make all of my work from my home studio in sunny Southsea.

Each pot is made using traditional hand building techniques and each one is completely one of a kind – the main tools used are my own two hands. I mainly pinch and coil, an ancient, slow and thoughtful process which allows me to achieve the wobbly surface where my fingerprints have pinched the clay over and over to build the form.

Using handmade ceramics is a mindful experience – the care that went into the finished piece and the journey of the raw material is visible in each pot. The clay is fired to over 1200 degrees C which means that pieces are made to last and be used every day, being incorporated into your daily rituals.



L E A R N   C E R A M I C S

Join me to learn the basics of hand-building and experience the joy of making and using your ceramic creations.







Using handbuilding techniques, Hollie pinches and coils clay to create one off pieces of pottery in her studio in Portsmouth, UK. Each pot is completely one of a kind as the main tools used are her own two hands. Pinching is a slow and thoughtful process and the maker’s marks are visible in the surface of the clay, reflecting the process from the raw material to finished product. The high fired clay used means that the pieces are made to last and be used every day, bringing joy to the user’s daily rituals.

We believe that investing in well made, useful items which bring happiness to your life is the way forward. Goodbye mass produced, disposable objects which are destined for landfill. Nice Pear is committed to caring for the earth and so your handmade ceramics will arrive in a plastic free packaging which you can recycle or pop into your compost bin! We are constantly working toward making our processes as sustainable as possible. No bone is used in any of our raw materials meaning that the pots are completely vegan.